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Ethan's expertise in crafting simple yet effective strategies empowers individuals to reach their goals swiftly and efficiently. Through engaging keynotes, insightful books, and transformative programs, Ethan shares the keys to unlocking potential and achieving ambitions at an accelerated pace.

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Ethan King has come a long way from scraping together $700 with his college girlfriend to launch stuff4GREEKS, which has grown into one of the world's leading brands for custom fraternity and sorority merchandise.

He is also co-founder of Zeus' Closet - a growing chain of retail stores that provide on-demand embroidery and printing.

Over the years, Ethan has founded and invested in many other ventures. His companies have won awards for business growth and industry excellence.


Ethan gives back by mentoring young, creative entrepreneurs.

He is also passionate about helping institutions fight the battle against childhood cancer.



Ethan King teaches not just inspiration, but tactical, actionable steps to optimize your brain, body, and business.


Ethan's keynotes and programs guide attendees to their greatest potential with actionable steps to optimize your brain, body, and business.

On stages across the globe, Ethan shares actionable lessons learned along his journey from starving artist to CEO of multiple 7-figure brands, and his transformation from flabby dad to the Over 40 & Fabulous cover of Best Self Magazine.

The lessons he teaches are actionable life hacks to help you win, faster.

Business Leader

Ethan is passionate about helping CEO's grow, personally and professionally. He has mentored many small business owners to the $1M/year revenue mark and beyond.

Ethan is former Atlanta chapter president, and a member-leader in Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO), where he has served as Communications Expert for the U.S. East Region, and won the global award for External Awareness.

Keynote Speaker

Ethan is a top-rated international speaker on the topics of business growth, reinvention, lifestyle design, health optimization, and longevity.

His keynotes and courses will help you achieve your greatest potential in your fitness, fashion, finances, freedom, family, and fun.

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Ethan is known for bringing the right energy and a smooth run of show to some of the world's biggest conferences.

He has shared the stage with the likes of Gary Vee, Arianna Huffington, and Grant Cardone.

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Ethan works with top brands and service providers in beauty, fashion, and wellness.

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Ethan's message was extremely well-received by our conference attendees. His story added an element of inspiration that truly touched our viewers. We look forward to having Ethan back soon, to inspire and teach more people together!"

Tavares Stephens, Co-Founder & President

Ethan spoke to our group of real estate entrepreneurs during a scary time when the economy was devastated by coronavirus. Members left inspired by his message, and better equipped to adapt to the business challenges ahead."

Juan Pablo, CEO
100 Percent Financed

EO NERVE Charleston was one of our best regional conferences, and it was largely because of Ethan’s efforts and hard work as Master of Ceremonies. Ethan is a marketing genius and went above on all fronts. He was a key contributor to our success. Ethan, THANK YOU for the 4 conference days and countless other meetings and hours you spent helping us. You were truly the superhero in all this."

Clay Reale, Event Co-Chair
Entrepreneurs’ Organization

Ethan spoke at our recruitment banquet, and out of the young men who attended, 94% committed to UGA!! This is our highest percentage yield to date. We are incredibly excited about the results. Thank you!"

Michelle Cook, Ph.D., Vice Provost
The University of Georgia

Earlier this month, our members tuned in to listen to Ethan's keynote on learning how to make finances fun & sexy.

Here's what they had to say:

I loved...
"How relevant and on point it was!"
"Ethan's clearly defined processes."
"His honesty and the thought that went into giving practical examples and links."
"When he shared the 'magic' numbers."
"The good, practical examples."
"His great tips & experience shares. Real sharing of mistakes made."

Helene Smuts, Chair
EO Accelerator Cape Town