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How Did Our Guest Turn $700 into a Multi-Million Dollar Business? | Ethan King | Part 1

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Ep #28 | Tomorrow Isn’t Promised

Excerpt: I’ll never forget that feeling of being close to death and then realizing that you’re still alive…  what it’s done for me is create a sense of urgency. There are a lot of things I want to accomplish in this world and when I’m tempted to think “oh I’ll do that in a few years,” or “I’ll do that later in life,” I’ll flash back to that moment and I’m reminded that those future years aren’t promised, so do it now… Listen to Imagine More Podcast Ep. 28

The University of Georgia

Ethan spoke at our recruitment banquet, and out of the young men who attended, 94% committed to UGA!! This is our highest percentage yield to date. We are incredibly excited about the results. Thank you!

Clay Reale

Entrepreneurs’ Organization

"EO NERVE Charleston was one of our best regional conferences, and it was largely because of Ethan’s efforts and hard work as Master of Ceremonies. Ethan is a marketing genius and went above on all fronts. He was a key contributor to our success. Ethan, THANK YOU for the 4 conference days and countless other meetings and hours you spent helping us. You were truly the superhero in all this."

Juan Pablo

100 Percent Financed

"Ethan spoke to our group of real estate entrepreneurs during a scary time when the economy was devastated by coronavirus. Members left inspired by his message, and better equipped to adapt to the business challenges ahead."

Tavares Stephens

THRIVE Young Adult Conference

"Ethan's message was extremely well-received by our conference attendees. His story added an element of inspiration that truly touched our viewers. We look forward to having Ethan back soon, to inspire and teach more people together!"