Talk Topics

S.I.M.P.L.E. Success™: The New Answer To Work-Life Balance

As we emerge from the pandemic, everything we thought we knew about work-life balance has been turned on it's head. It's an entirely new ball game now.

In this talk, 20+ year entrepreneur, Best Self Magazine cover boy, and past president of EO Atlanta, Ethan King, shares his actionable framework for optimizing your mind, body, spirit, and workday, to become the best possible version of You.

You will walk away knowing:

  • How to calibrate Life's 6 Key Levers
  • The 6 Daily Micro-Actions to manifest more joy and less stress
  • The Top 12 Reverse-Aging Hacks to make you look and feel a decade younger
  • How to destroy the myth of work-life balance, once and for all

    This talk is perfect for stressed-out decision makers who want to grow to become the best version of themselves, without sacrificing health or relationships.





    The Reinvention Code: From Mess To Masterpiece

    You know that something needs to change. Perhaps with your business, your health, or maybe with the amount of stress in your life. No matter how much you think about it though, the results seem slow to come.

    In this highly-actionable keynote, Ethan King will reveal how he went from starving artist to CEO of several seven-figure brands, and from out-of-shape to “Over 40 & Fabulous” cover boy of Best Self Magazine.

    You will walk away knowing:

    • How to flip your most shameful moments into your secret weapons
    • How to uncover the hidden blockers that are sabotaging your success, and learn how to finally obliterate them forever.
    • The psychological ninja hacks to rewire your brain, so you never slip back into your undesirable state again
    This talk is perfect for anyone rebounding from a setback, who needs help dealing with limiting beliefs.





    Death of The Starving Artist: Cash In On Your Creativity Without Sacrificing Your Soul

    There's a saying that most artists only make money after they are dead.

    That saying exists because it's true. Very few artists break through into the realm of massive wealth; most can barely make ends meet financially.

    Ethan King was once a starving artist. In this talk, he recalls the tough times of massive credit card debt, eating microwave popcorn for dinner, and writing $2.22 checks at Burger King.

    He teaches us the tangible business lessons he learned as he evolved from a struggling creative to a 7-figure CEO.

    You will walk away with:

    • Actionable tools to turn any passion into a profitable business
    • Ways to monetize your talents without sacrificing your creativity
    • The understanding of why it is not only your right, but your duty to become rich through your creative outlets
    This talk is designed for:
    • Artisans who want to grow their financial wealth, but feel guilty about it and/or they don't know how
    • Young adults pursuing a creative career (and their parents)
    • Entrepreneurs who want to scale a business that sells highly-customized products and services




      From Million-Dollar Mistakes to Money-Making Magic: Profit Maximization Strategies for Small Businesses

      In this highly-actionable talk, you will learn:

      • The 3 Magic Numbers that every business must watch, and how to improve them,
      • How to double, triple, or even 10X your prices without push back, and
      • The 5 Biggest Blind Spots every emerging business must avoid to steer clear of the Valley of Death.

      Best Self Magazine’s Over 40 & Fabulous cover boy, Ethan King, evolved from starving artist to CEO of multiple 7-figure brands, including stuff4GREEKS and Zeus’ Closet.

      He joined EO Accelerator in 2011, with no formal business training, then graduated to EO and served as Accelerator Co-Chair, helping grow Atlanta’s program to the largest in the U.S.

      Ethan has since served as Chapter President of EO Atlanta, Communications Expert for the U.S. East Region, and he most recently won the EO Global Award for Best External Awareness.

      As a self-proclaimed “creative dude who gets bored by numbers,” Ethan figured out how to make finances fun & sexy, and in this talk he teaches exactly which levers to pull to scale your business profitably.




        Ethan King, Monica Allen, Atlanta Business Chronicle

        Doubletake: The Secrets To Scaling A Business With Your Spouse

        "How do you all do it? I could never work with my spouse."

        These are the words that Ethan King and his wife, Monica Allen, have heard countless times over their 18+ years in marriage, and 20+ years as business partners, but they wouldn't have it any other way.

        Together, they've grown multiple businesses and are raising 2 amazing kids through the process.

        In this unique presentation, the duo spills all of their secrets to leveling up your business and your family at the same time.

        You will leave this presentation knowing:
        • Should you go into business with your life partner, or not
        • How to structure your business and personal finances for success
        •  How to raise kids and bootstrap a business at the same time, without missing life's precious moments
        This talk is designed for anyone in business with, or thinking about getting into business with their significant other.