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"...a very inspiring personal story paired with concrete marketing tips." —Kayleigh Waters, Marketing Professional

"Ethan delivered a presentation that spoke to all levels of my staff. As the CEO it showed me how much my team along with myself could synergize our company goals and still have department objectives that are sometimes difficult to connect!" —Mike Littrel, X3 Sports

Amplify Your Brand With AI, Automation, And Storytelling


Average event rating: 9.8 out of 10

"Great actionable items!"
"This presentation was excellent. Make it a series!"
"Great ideas to implement into my business"
"Very informative, good takeaways, engaging, demo on attendees of AI was great!"
"Super engaging! Interesting content delivered in a very digestible way."
"Very insightful!"


In today’s digital world, we’re constantly bombarded with distractions. From nonstop notifications to endless events, there’s a lot competing for our members’ attention. What if we had tools to showcase our brand’s awesomeness in a consistent, engaging, and efficient way?

Enter the powerful trio: AI, Automation, and Storytelling. Building on the insights from Ethan King’s top-rated presentation “Every Day Everywhere All At Once: How To Be Omnipresent on Social Media with Just 15 Minutes of Work On Your Part (and why it’s crucial),” this session offers a deeper dive. We’ll go hands-on with today's AI tools to craft compelling stories and create striking visuals. The best part? You don't have to be a tech whiz to make a significant online presence for your chapter.

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, the challenge isn’t just to be present, but to stand out and make a lasting impact. The key? Mastering the art and science of marketing communications. Together we will dive deep into the world of AI and cutting-edge uses of ChatGPT. We will explore the latest automation tools, and power it all with timeless storytelling frameworks that move people to action.

This is more than just a workshop; it’s a transformative experience. This session will equip attendees with actionable strategies, ensuring that your company not only thrives but leads in this digital age.

Key insights:

  • Strategies to enhance client loyalty and brand engagement.
  • Techniques for consistent online messaging without needing a large team.
  • How to attract (and retain) more clients and strategic partners by elevating your brand’s reputation.
  • Practical methods to create engaging short videos for platforms like TikTok and Instagram, using the latest AI tools.

Attendees will leave knowing:

  • How to effectively integrate AI into their marketing communication strategies for maximum impact.
  • Techniques to schedule and automate processes,
  • The art of digital storytelling, and how to craft narratives that resonate, engage, and inspire.
  • Practical steps to establish a commanding online presence, without having to spend all day on social media.

Join multifaceted entrepreneur Ethan King as he demystifies today’s world of digital marketing communications. With a blend of strategy, practical exercises, and interactivity, attendees will be empowered to elevate their brands to unparalleled heights.






"The event was terrific!" —Carter Kennedy

"I love the structured program that Ethan has developed. It's powerful and easy if you apply it!" —Mark Worster

"The fact that he was so genuine and sees life beyond money- the WHY" —Dan

"Ethan's story. His presentation was excellent."

"I love Ethan. I thought it was great!" —Jeff Luther

“The best!! Come back anytime!!” —EO Charleston

Rebirth Moment: The Science of Personal Change

In a time where we face an ever-shifting landscape, it can feel like we are trapped victims of circumstance and things just are the way they are. But what if life is more malleable than you think? What if you had the tools to unlock new possibilities and new beginnings, to use trauma as a launch pad to triumph?

Deep down, you know something needs to change. Something is blocking you from achieving your maximum potential. Perhaps with your business, your health, or maybe with your relationships. 

In this highly-engaging keynote, best-selling author Ethan King shares actionable lessons learned from overcoming deeply personal struggles and painful moments.

He shares how he went from being a starving artist to CEO of several seven-figure brands, from near-bankruptcy to debt-free profitability, and from struggling with asthma and obesity to landing the cover of Best Self magazine and creating the 6-pack Dads movement.

Your attendees will walk away knowing:

  • The simple eight-phase process to evolve into the highest version of yourself.
  • How to flip your most shameful moments into your secret weapons
  • How to uncover the hidden blockers that are sabotaging your success, and learn how to finally obliterate them forever.
  • The psychological ninja hacks to rewire your brain, so you never slip back into your undesirable state again

This talk is perfect for anyone rebounding from a setback, who needs help breaking through barriers and achieving new heights of success.






Six-Pack Mindset: How to Optimize Your Body, Brain, Business, and Bank Account

Entrepreneurship is a stressful adventure. Too often, business owners suffer from low energy and lack of mental clarity. This can lead to poor diet choices, poor sleep, and more belly fat, which leads back to more stress and health issues.

Ethan King had asthma and struggled with obesity. A health scare convinced him to start seriously exercising at age 30, but as a busy entrepreneur, he found exercise to be boring and time-consuming. This sent him on a mission to discover scientific methods for maximum fitness in minimum time.

In this actionable talk, Ethan shares his journey and teaches the exact process that helped him finally get (and keep) those elusive six-pack abs, which some consider to be the ultimate symbol of physical fitness. This process has helped his clients lose as much as 31 pounds in 7 weeks. 

You will discover that your fitness, confidence, clarity, and business performance are all linked together, and you can improve them with a few simple tweaks that very few people know about.

You will walk away knowing:

  • How to burn maximum fat in minimum time.
  • How to increase mental clarity and sexual vitality.
  • How to reverse the signs of aging and transform into your best shape ever.
  • How your physical presence affects your social and business performance.
This talk is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to get in shape but lack the time, knowledge, and/or motivation.





From Million-Dollar Mistakes to Money Magic: Profit Maximization Strategies for Small Businesses

Ethan King majored in Art and has no formal business training. He evolved from starving artist to CEO of multiple 7-figure brands, including stuff4GREEKS and Zeus’ Closet.

As a self-proclaimed “creative dude who gets bored by numbers,” Ethan figured out how to make finances fun & sexy, and in this talk he teaches exactly which levers to pull to scale your business profitably.

In this highly-actionable talk, you will learn:

  • The 3 Magic Numbers that every business must watch, and how to improve them,
  • How to double, triple, or even 10X your prices without push back, and
  • The 5 Biggest Blind Spots every emerging business must avoid to steer clear of the Valley of Death.

This talk is perfect for entrepreneurs who know they need to pay more attention to their numbers, but find accounting boring.