What Should I Be Doing Right Now?

What Should I Be Doing Right Now?

I’m no activist.

I’m no expert on racial injustice.

I wish this would all go away, because I’d much rather be talking about business growth, brand communication, leadership, adventure travel, or creative endeavors.

But with the recent social unrest, many confused business leaders have asked me some form of the question “What should I be doing right now?”

My friend Derek Weber and I tackled this tough topic yesterday. Here’s the email and video recording he shared with his audiences today:

Derek and the goBRANDgo! team enjoyed yesterday’s webinar with Ethan King, so we wanted to share the video with you! He provides some tangible ways to lead with compassion and sensitivity, understand inclusivity, and foster conversation about the current social justice issues in our country. Both leaders shared stories from their past, and how those shaped them as individuals and leaders. Ethan left listeners with four things we all can do to empower ourselves and others (just pick one!):

  • Focus on the common things that make us all the same
  • Filter your media intake, but don’t just listen to one side
  • Foster and develop deep friendships with people not like you 
  • Find your individual super power and apply it where you can to help

Check out the full video below, and stay connected with Ethan here.

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