The Ramifications of Revenge Travel

The Ramifications of Revenge Travel

Many hospitality businesses are dealing with (or preparing for) “revenge travel” – record numbers of people traveling due to post-lockdown restlessness, plus money saved over the past year.

Combine this with businesses being short-staffed due to a workforce seeking higher wages with more schedule flexibility and location independence.

Add to the mix supply chain shortages and shipping delays (yes, still).

This recipe results in long waits, upset guests, and inability to provide top-level service.

If your business is in this predicament:

1. Raise prices
2. Overcommunicate so there are clear expectations
3. Get creative with hiring and incentives

And if you are one of these travelers complaining about bad service:

1. Be nice
2. Be empathetic
3. Understand that the business is probably dealing with more headaches behind the scenes than you realize

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