“Yes” Season, “No” Season

Jul. 29, 2020 by

Every time you say “yes” to one thing, you’re saying “no” to something else, right? Some productivity gurus use this concept to suggest that you should always vigilantly guard your time, by saying “NO” to anything that doesn’t completely align

My Top 10 Favorite Podcasts: Summer 2020 Edition

Jul. 22, 2020 by

I was the guest speaker on a business radio show a few weeks ago, and one of the attendees asked me to mention a few of my favorite podcasts. Being the podcast junkie that I am (I’ve been listening since

What Should I Be Doing Right Now?

Jul. 9, 2020 by

I’m no activist. I’m no expert on racial injustice. I wish this would all go away, because I’d much rather be talking about business growth, brand communication, leadership, adventure travel, or creative endeavors. But with the recent social unrest, many

I Thought I Was Indistractable. It Turns Out I’m Not.

Jun. 7, 2020 by

Over the past week, many of my non-Black friends have called, emailed, or texted to check on me and ask some form of “How are you doing? Are you OK?” I appreciate the concern, and I answer every inquiry. I’m

Electrical impulses in the brain

The Science Behind Visualization – Dream It. See It. Be It. Part 1

May. 27, 2020 by

Once upon a time, a young man named Ruben Gonzalez wrote to Sports Illustrated magazine, asking where he could learn how to luge. Legend has it that the magazine mailed him back a photograph of a man racing on a

Forming New Habits: Lessons Learned from 6 Months of Publishing Content, Part 1

May. 22, 2020 by

Have you ever tried to form a new habit? What approach has been successful for you? Six months ago, I was inspired to start sharing more content online, but it wasn’t something that came naturally to me. Here’s a brief

The Top 8 Business Books I’ve Re-Read, Gifted, or Recommended – Part 2

May. 16, 2020 by

In my previous post (and this video), I listed the first 4 of 8 books that I’ve either read more than once, given as gifts, and/or recommended to others. Here is the continuation of that list, in chronological order, from

The Top 8 Business Books I’ve Re-Read, Gifted, or Recommended – Part 1

May. 13, 2020 by

In interviews I’m often asked, “what are your favorite business books?” It’s a difficult question for me to answer because I read at least 50 books a year (mostly in audio version), listen to podcasts, do online courses, and attend

Getting in Creative Flow

May. 8, 2020 by

Twenty-two years ago, I made the masks that I, and my fraternity brothers, wore when we presented ourselves to the campus. I found some $5 plastic hockey masks, taped off a diamond area over the eye, and spray painted them

Six Reasons Why – When It Comes to Certain Brands – You’re Loyal Till Death

May. 6, 2020 by

As I finished my morning run today, I lifted my wrist to stop the app on my watch. Although this is something I’ve done hundreds of times, today I noticed something I hadn’t before – the brand logo on the