Ethan King is a multipreneur, experiential learner, and marketer who educates from the intersection of entrepreneurship and lifestyle optimization.

Once upon a time, Ethan was a starving artist, struggling to make ends meet while working as the trash boy at a seedy Atlanta nightclub.

After a scary encounter where he was robbed at gunpoint, Ethan left his old life behind, and harnessed his creative talents to build multiple 7-figure brands.

Some of his clients have included celebrities such as Tyler Perry, Akon, and Rick Ross, as well as major enterprises like Coca-Cola and Marvel Studios.

Over the years, Ethan has won awards for business growth and industry achievements, and his work has appeared on Oprah and 60 Minutes. He is a global member-leader in the nonprofit Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), and has served as president of the Atlanta chapter.

In 2020, having transformed from flabby dad to the “Over 40 & Fabulous” cover winner of Best Self Magazine, Ethan became obsessed with helping others reinvent themselves, reverse the aging process, and rethink the restrictions of their reality.

Ethan is a top-rated international speaker and emcee. He has shared the stage with Gary Vee, Arianna Huffington, and Grant Cardone.

Through his S.I.M.P.L.E. Success System®, he helps high performers optimize their spirituality, intellect, physicality, money, love, and experiences.


Best Self Atlanta, August 2020: From starving artist to owning multiple million-dollar brands, Ethan King adds a new dimension of “cool” to entrepreneurship.

The co-founder/CEO of Zeus’ Closet also serves as former Atlanta chapter president, and global member-leader, in the nonprofit Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), helping 14,000+ business owners in 62 countries grow personally and professionally.