We are fortunate to have Tyler Perry as a design client since 2003. To date, we have designed the original covers and souvenir books for 10 of Tyler Perry’s stage plays. These projects are challenging and fun at the same time because Mr. Perry will often just give us the title of the play. Sometimes we have no other information to work with, not even a synopsis, because the details of the story and characters are still being worked that early in the process. So we come up with the designs from scratch, without even knowing what the play is about. We are thankful that in most cases, Mr. Perry and the people at Tyler Perry Studios and Peachez Entertainment always love our first few concepts.

Not only do we create the souvenir books, we are primarily responsible for all of the advertising and merchandise design for each play. From the initial flyers and posters, to the online and print ads that run across the country, to the t-shirts and merchandise on sale at each play.

We are also super excited that our work has been shown on national TV alongside Tyler Perry’s appearances on 60 Minutes and The Oprah Winfrey Show.