What started out as a side project back in 1999 has now become a powerhouse in the fraternity and sorority apparel market. No other Greek clothing company makes custom embroidered apparel with the artistry of S4G.com.

We recently revamped the entire website (this is the 3rd version), added a ton of features, and moved S4G to a robust e-commerce platform designed to handle thousands of transactions per month. Along with a great team of about a dozen employees, I help manage the day-to-day operations of S4G, including website design and updates, marketing, social media, customer service, and production.

The gallery below showcases some of the thousands of custom Greek line jackets, sweaters, shirts, and other fraternity/sorority apparel that stuff4GREEKS has made over the years. Note: This gallery requires the Adobe Flash player. If you are on a device that does not support Flash, you probably won’t see anything below. You can view these photos on the S4G Facebook page instead.

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