Tyler Perry Studios hired me as Creative Director to produce a “Broadway-style” souvenir book for Tyler Perry’s latest play, Madea Gets A Job. They were taking this production to a higher level and wanted all of the advertising and merchandising to be proportionally upgraded. This was an exciting project because I was given more creative liberty than in past projects. I hired my own photographers and assistants; we studied the script, attended several rehearsals, and ultimately traveled with the tour on the play’s opening weekend in Memphis, Tennessee.

This level of immersion gave us the opportunity to capture behind-the-scenes photos, as well as large close-ups of the action. I was also responsible for the editing and much of the copy writing on this project. We ended up with over 6000 high-resolution photos, then traveled back to Atlanta to layout the book and graphic design. The final result was an oversized, 9.5″ x 14″, high-gloss, 44 page book with a fold out poster in the center.

Design Credits –
Creative Director/Graphic Designer: Ethan King
Photography: G. Paras Griffin
Photography: Allen Cooley
Assistant Designer: T.J. Simmons