How much does a logo cost?

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There’s a science behind creating logos, and a lot of research is involved. But at the root of it, logo design is art. So how much money is good art worth? How much is a custom piece of art designed specifically for you worth?

I once heard a story about the artist Pablo Picasso. I don’t remember it word-for-word, but it goes something like this: One day, Picasso was sitting in a cafe when an admirer approached him and asked him to draw something. He obliged and did a quick sketch on a napkin, then handed the napkin to the the admirer. As the gentleman thanked him and was about to walk off, Picasso said “that will cost one million dollars, please”. The guy scoffed and said “How can you charge so much? It only took you 30 seconds!” Picasso replied, “No, it took me 50 years.”

I don’t know if that was the exact quote or not, but Picasso was obviously saying that if it weren’t for his decades of hard work, training, experience, and personal brand-building, he would not have been able to create such a valuable work of art in such a little amount of time.

People sometimes look at a logo and think “that is so simple, my 5-year-old could have made it.” But what people don’t consider is the psychology and research behind the design. Not to mention the art training and the time investment. Often times, a good logo may contain subliminal references, like the not-so-obvious arrow hidden in the FedEx logo.


I’m often asked “how much does a logo cost?” Well, it depends on several variables including the size of your company, your budget, the reach of your logo, and how much time and research you want to invest in it.

Our logo design process can cost anywhere from $1000 for an individual professional or a small company, to upwards of $5000 for a mid-to-large-scale enterprise, or even more for a global scale project. This fee includes everything that goes into the process Рconsulting, research, exploration, revisions, final file preparation, and delivery. Note that logo design is only one component of brand development. A full brand redesign and implementation could cost considerably more to execute across all of your literature and products, depending on the size and scale of your company, event, or project.

Check out this article for some interesting reading: Famous logo designs and how much did they cost?

Since the price of art can be somewhat subjective, some of my clients (and some budding designers) have found this book helpful: Graphic Artist’s Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines

Please contact us to get a Logo Design Questionnaire so that we can obtain more information from you and give you an accurate price estimate based on your specific needs.

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