How much does a logo cost?

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There’s a science behind creating logos, and a lot of research is involved. But at the root of it, logo design is art. So how much money is good art worth? How much is a custom piece of art designed specifically for you worth? I once heard a story about the artist Pablo Picasso. I […]

Global logo design considerations

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Last fall, I spent a week in Moscow, Russia, visiting my brother and his family. During my visit, I toured The Kremlin, Red Square, several museums, churches, the beautiful subways, and even a secret underground bunker from the Cold War era. We also braved the freezing rain, snow, and/or wind to enjoy great cuisine at […]

Good design makes things taste better.

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This weekend, we dined at a nearby Thai restaurant and had a wonderful experience. The food was tasty and the service was excellent. We’ll call this Restaurant A. During dinner, we thought back to our experience just a few months ago at a different Thai restaurant located just a few miles away. We’ll call that […]