Artist. Designer. Digital Marketer. Entrepreneur. Author.

Ethan showed interest in drawing and painting from an early age, and studied under renowned artist Kevin Cole at the Tri-Cities High School Magnet Program for the Visual and Performing Arts. Ethan’s work was in student exhibitions across the city and won awards; in fact, he was the only student to score a perfect 5 out of 5 in both of the advanced placement art courses. Ethan says “when I told my parents that I wanted to major in Art, their response to me was ‘artists only make money when they’re dead.’ I majored in Art anyway, and made it my mission to prove them wrong.”

In addition to art, Ethan has always had a passion for computers. He learned BASIC programming in elementary school, playing computer games, and trying to figure out how it all worked. As a child, Ethan often designed invitations and greeting cards in Print Shop for family members. One of his first jobs involved building PC’s from scratch.

In college, Ethan learned Photoshop and started designing flyers and shirts for his fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi. To make a little extra cash, he began charging other fraternities for his design services. This eventually led to him becoming a freelance graphic designer. Ethan took post-graduate courses at the Atlanta College of Art to add Web Design and Digital Multimedia to his service offerings. Ethan now has over 18 years experience in designing for print and the web, and has worked with several famous clients and brands like Tyler Perry and McDonalds.

Ethan now owns a multi-brand creative services company in Atlanta called APGG. The company has many different brands because each brand appeals to a different audience with different interests and passions. Services range from Web Development to Interior Design to Embroidery, but design is the common element that ties all of the companies together. Ethan says, “to offer all of our various services under one brand name could lead to market confusion, so instead we treat them as separate entities that appeal to different niche markets.”

Due to the nature of Ethan’s businesses, the companies hire many young people fresh out of school. Over the years, Ethan and his executive team witnessed countless examples of what not to do when looking for a job. The sad truth is that many parents, high schools, and colleges don’t prepare students sufficiently to navigate the rough waters of job-hunting. So to help make the world a better place, Ethan co-wrote the book You’ve Graduated. Now What?: 10 Steps to Stand Out and Get Hired in The New Economy. You can get it at Amazon for less than $10, or you can get the eBook for free with the purchase of a graduation stole at S4G.

Ethan considers himself a Jack of many trades, but King of only one – making others successful. His unique ability is using visual and written communication skills to help others achieve ultimate success in their field of endeavor. As Zig Ziglar said, “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.” Ethan’s ultimate goal is to help everyone that he and his companies come in contact with become the best version of themselves.